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Texas Flip Factory, LLC - Humble, Texas

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Texas Flip Factory

Where we specialized in Cheerleading!
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 We Manufactured Champions!

 Always Imitated.............but NEVER Duplicated

Thank you to the many friends and family members that have walked through the doors of Texas Flip Factory!

We have met, loved and lost many valuable people that we have grown to care for more than most will ever know.  We have
enjoyed our 7 years of working with the many cheerleading athletes of the Humble/Kingwood area and are proud to see so
many of the fruits of our labor successfully moving forward in their cheerleading careers.

Stacy, Alyssa and I were blessed to have had this opportunity in our life.   Our life has brought a fork in the road, one in which
the best decision for our family had to be made, therefore we are no longer a business manufacturing cheerleader in the cheer world.  :)

Thanks to the many athletes of the 2013-2014 Season who helped us to go out with a BANG and many National Championships!!!!

We wish you all great success and may God Bless each and everyone of you we have grown to love.



Seen here in front of the Pickup Truck - Texan GMC & Dodge is a sponsor of TFF!


WOOHOO Another great competition weekend
in Galveston TFF had a great event.

Senior Co-Ed took 1st Place & High Point!!!!!

Junior Team took 1st and won a bid to The One,
Senior and Youth Team took home 2nd place trophies

Two 1st Place Trophies, One Grand Champion Banner and One 3rd Place Trophy!

A view of great things to come for the 2013-2014 season.

Senior - Level 3 Co-Ed took 1st Place!

Youth Prep - Level 1 took 1st Place and GRAND CHAMPION!!!!!



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